Besides fresh fruits and vegetables, the company offers a wide assortment of products and specializes in high quality items, thanks to the strong and trustworthy relationship with the farmers of the area (for example of Gresta Valley). Everything with one imperative: excellent quality – price ratio.

Many qualities of extra virgin olive oil (derived from olive Trento, Verona and Lake Garda)
More than 20 types of local honey (citrus, eucalyptus, acacia, chestnut, lime, pear, etc.).
Many types of balsamic vinegar
Fruit in syrup and in brandy
Jams, mustards and preserves
Dried Fruit
Mushrooms of local undergrowth (pickled / dried)
Pasta of all kinds (from Italy; truffle, Amarone, grappa, etc.).
Cheese (regional and Italian)
Salami (local salami, speck of Trentino, etc.)
Balsamic sweets and homemade biscuits
Several truffle specialties
Handicrafts exclusive olive wood (household items, etc.).
Wines, brandies and liqueurs (of any type and branded F.lli Duchi).
flli duchi
flli duchi
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